10 mistakes when creating outdoor advertising


Naturally, you can see the many different posters or billboards. Each of them has an attractive advertising, but not everyone has a large demand for goods, if the advertisement is presented to the way it is not necessary. Axiom Designs can help you design best advertising for your business and process LA Business Printing in high quality. In this article, we will talk with you about what not to do, when you create outdoor advertising. Let us analyze the known bugs.


Mistake №1: Advertising does not call for action

You may notice that some of the billboards have no website address, store or a phone number where the client was able to call. Advertising is done in such a way that the average buyer does not perceive it positively, as a neutral, which reduces the likelihood that the customer will make a purchase of a product.

Mistake №2: Excess Information

Some owners of the advertising want to add more information that to the client, it was clear what the store or a certain institution is engaged. Therefore, when information is overloaded in billboard, people simply will not consider and as a result, the effectiveness of advertising will be zero.

Mistake №3: Advertising is not “clinging” people

In recent years, there is a war for attention, in which every marketing department wants to attract the attention of the greatest number of people. Therefore, if the advertising brings positive or cool feeling, the product or the store will provide prosperity. Any LA Business Printing and advertisement, which is made by professionals, should grab the attention of people.


Mistake №4: Defects in the size, timing, color reproduction

Let’s say you made Flyer and it’s did not get in an Envelope. You have created a billboard when the sale was over. The file, which was provided, has poor visibility. Therefore, when you create LA Business Printing and advertising you should pay great attention to how it is framed and whether suitable. Many marketing service made such a mistake as a result of this and received a minimum of arrival of the target audience as a negative result.

Mistake №5: Inappropriate images and associations

In marketing services, there is one method that they use in the absence of a normal illustration – a half-naked woman. Yes, of course, that attention will be provided to you, but if you go too far with this type of account, you can get the opposite of the desired effect.

Mistake №6: Savings on advertising

At this moment you can see more often that advertisers are saving on advertising. The fact is that at saving on materials can happen that the color rendition is at a minimum level, and the effect of the advertising campaign will fall significantly. Weather conditions are constantly changing, and if the material and the paint is cheap, it can quickly erased from the billboard. However, Axiom Design can help you realize your plans and process LA Business Printing even with limited amount of money.

Mistake №7: Flaws in the fonts, colors and sizes

For example, on a billboard there is a black background with a dark font or font mismatch with distance. May also be taken into account the font size, the smaller the size, the less visible the font and it follows the small amount of covered audience. Therefore, in any case of outdoor advertising it has to be readable and comprehensible for any person, regardless of age, and opinions.


Mistake №8: Differences in scale of advertising and business

For example, it is unnecessary to advertise online store on billboards, which have a size of 3×6 or 5×12. The fact is that the costs can be very large, and zero impact.

Mistake №9: The image does not match the promotional items

Let’s say you are advertising online store of expensive watches, and spread the advertising in mailboxes. This discrepancy greatly affects in the credibility of your potential buyers. Therefore, you should remember that the advertising element must match the product that you offer.

Mistake №10: Inconsistency circulation volume with advertising elements

In any calculation in the marketing agencies you should be aware that it is impossible to make a mistake in the amount of circulation of promotional items. The fact is that if you do not calculate this conversion, the target audience coverage is not going to happen. In this case, you should know that advertising works from the certain quantity of promoted elements, instead of from their surplus or to the contrary minority. This situation can be studied on the example of the fact that if you hang out a Banner in the city, the special effect will not be. Also, on the opposite side, if you will give everyone three of the booklet, the negative emotions from clients will be provided.

Summing up

Without making mistakes on the above points, you can draw the maximum possible number of people and also to reach the target audience. Be watchful when choosing a marketing services and remember the above mistakes.