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History Of Greeting Cards

Today, greeting card is a nice trinket, which can be bought for ridiculous money, make a nice addition to the present. However, in the origins of its history, the card was an expensive product, made by hand by the order. Not everyone could afford such...

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Menu Printing For Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

The first impression about the institution receives a visitor from the doorway: it is an interior appeal, helpful staff and creative menu.     Menu - is not just a list of dishes and drinks with price tags. This is a Business Card of any cafe, bar or...

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Turn Your Foldover Business Card into a Brochure

  Instead of your traditional 3.5” x 2” Business Cards, consider a foldover business card. With the added space, you can accomplish two tasks in one by creating both a business card and mini-brochure. Plus a foldover business card is compact and, therefore, easy to carry...

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The Rules of Business Greeting Card Etiquette

When it comes to holiday business greeting cards, to send or not to send is the question. Once you have decided to send, you then have to determine who to include on your list, what kind of business greeting card to choose, and how to...

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This is the first of a series about 2017 design trends—color, typography, and web trends.   Kale is Pantone’s number one color pick for 2017.  Pantone has an impressive history of color influence and prediction. Last year’s color of the year was Rose Quartz and it was...

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The Top 7 Mistakes When Using Promotional Products

Unlike more well-known (and more expensive) means of marketing, promotional products can be customized and implemented in many radically different ways. This versatility is a double-edged sword; it gives marketers more choices, but it also means that there are many different opportunities to make mistakes...

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The Hidden Power of Printed Marketing Materials

Digital marketing strategies are a critical component for many businesses today. Having an online presence, whether through a stand-alone website or strategically placed online ads, is an important part of promotion and marketing. Even traditional brick and mortar businesses market online to the millions of...

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Print Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

The rise of online marketing leads many small business owners to abandon print advertising in favor of less expensive web based options. Why waste money on pricey print ads when internet outreach costs mere pennies? There’s only one flaw in this logic: your customers still...

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