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How To Measure ROI And Why To Do It

It is important for entrepreneurs to measure the effectiveness and payback of advertising campaigns. One way is to take into account ROI (return on investment). Let's figure out how to count it - using the example of infographics. There is a simplified formula that most companies...

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Presenting Design Work: The Right Way

Often the difference between getting the job or not has everything to do with how you present your work to potential clients. The portfolio has as much to do with how you present it, as it does the actual content of your work. Even great...

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Menu Printing For Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

The first impression about the institution receives a visitor from the doorway: it is an interior appeal, helpful staff and creative menu.     Menu - is not just a list of dishes and drinks with price tags. This is a Business Card of any cafe, bar or...

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Turn Your Foldover Business Card into a Brochure

  Instead of your traditional 3.5” x 2” Business Cards, consider a foldover business card. With the added space, you can accomplish two tasks in one by creating both a business card and mini-brochure. Plus a foldover business card is compact and, therefore, easy to carry...

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Finding the best advertising medium for your business directly relies on the services you provide, the clients you work with, and the advertising standards in your industry. As such, companies that do most of their business off-premises (including food delivery businesses and shuttle services) rely...

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The Rules of Business Greeting Card Etiquette

When it comes to holiday business greeting cards, to send or not to send is the question. Once you have decided to send, you then have to determine who to include on your list, what kind of business greeting card to choose, and how to...

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