Paper Label & Sticker

When you want to give an identity to a product, the paper labels and stickers are the best products to consider. If a product does not come with any label or sticker, it will lose its value. The reason behind this is that the product’s brand is denoted by means of the label or sticker. Our paper label and sticker printing service are dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of our customers. We rely on nothing lesser than the best, and we believe that we would reach up to any length so that our customers will get the perfect product. The expertise and the infrastructure that we possess is hardly seen in any sticker manufacturer in the country.


How our paper label printing service is unique?

Before knowing the unique aspects of our label printing service, let’s look at the corresponding features:


  • A wide assortment of labels for every need
  • Customized for your business requirements
  • Great tool for branding and promotion
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Creativeness in design

The printed labels and stickers are always great for advertising your service, products, political campaigns or business promotion. Our paper label and sticker printing service are applicable for small to medium size businesses. One of the important things to note is we print stickers durable and thick. Our printed stickers and labels are presented in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, they will be perfectly suitable for promotion and distribution.

Whether you want them in small quantity or want them in bulk, we have you covered. We can even print paper labels and stickers in bulk quantities. They are excellent for effective marketing and promoting your products across different media. One of our biggest assets is customization.

We carefully work on your clients’ requirements and always help them to select from broad varieties of printed paper labels and stickers. Moreover, we also provide flexible sizing options to clients and assist them in making the best printed stickers for successful promotions and branding. We always make use of high-quality materials for printing. The value and quality are the key aspects we focus on. We are dedicated to delivering superior quality paper labels and stickers within a stipulated timeframe at a cost-effective price. Even if you want a small order, we can do it an affordable unit pricing.


The individual design of your stickers and labels on sheets:

Your stickers and labels on A4 sheets could be designed freely in form, design, and size. Only an extra finishing with embossing or hot foil is not possible. Based on the materials you want, you can choose from different options. For example, you can allow us to print paper labels and stickers on paper silver glossy 80g, uncoated paper white 80g, paper white 80g, PP foil white and PP foil transparent. There is no doubt that we can also deliver your labels and stickers blank if you want. Whatever design needs are there in your mind, we can print labels and stickers on particular sheets. In this way, you can make your branding efforts unique and successful from our service.


Label types:

In the present competitive era, it is the time to stand out through a unique label printing. There is nothing that would make your products appear unique like the beautiful labels. In addition to being useful for presenting product information, the paper label printing and sticker printing also allows you to promote your business. With lots of label options to pick from, you can easily print paper labels for all kinds of products or events.

We provide two label types of Cut-to-size labels and Roll labels.

The cut-to-size labels are simpler to distribute and share among people. They work as excellent storefront pieces for customers. On the other hand, roll labels are suitable for product packaging. It is true that the stickers on a roll are quite easier to peel off from the paper.

Though the preconfigured size options would be varied, both these label types come with a custom size option. In that, you can easily set the size based on your needs. Furthermore, we also provide waterproof labels that are durable and capable to withstand damage due to water. They do not lose adhesion. Our paper labels are uniquely printed on self-adhesive material like waterproof vinyl, premium sticker paper, or BOPP.


Order Paper Label and Stickers printing in different variations:

Our printing solution is a great source for stocking all size paper labels and stickers on paper sheets. The standard paper sheet size we use is 8.5″ x 11″ but we can also use different sizes based on your needs. These paper sheets come with a coated sticky back as well as a peel-off liner. They could be easily applied to most surfaces. We own the same types you may see on cartons, boxes, envelopes, bottles, boxes, and more.

Our standard white matte paper with a vivid, uncoated finish is our most famous and affordable label material. The same is made up of paper along with a permanent stick. We provide brown kraft paper and Recycled (PCW) post consumer waste paper-made labels that are made complete with the permanent adhesive. The Paper labels printing from us also come on the white matte with detachable adhesive. This will work excellently on an inkjet or laser printer.

The paper labels could be flood coated or dyed with colors. We present a broad selection of bright paper labels. The same will include silver foil, gold foil, and pastel color sticker paper. Moreover, we also provide custom color paper labels in different sizes or adhesive.


Why choose us for Paper Label & Sticker Printing?

We offer quality paper labels and stickers to our customers with quick turnaround time. Let’s look at the points that justify how our service is worth considering:

  • You can choose a ready-to-use template from the various categories, customize it and use them for your products.
  • Design products with multiple color and shape options
  • Quick designing in the advanced designer studio
  • Attractive product printing
  • Place an order online and get it delivered at your doorstep
  • Customization of paper labels and stickers