Foam board printing

Foam Board Printing is widely used as a cost-effective approach to print high-gloss dynamic pictures. For example, it can print high-gloss family portraits, artwork or school projects. Generally, the foam board posters are lightweight and strong. Our foam board printing service comes with many unique specialties and we also offer customization based on your needs. The foam board printing from us is made available in different thicknesses. They can be specially cut to the desired size and based on your requirements we can either print on one or two sides. Our custom foam board printing service gives you great flexibility if you like to include special photos.

We pride in conveying the superb quality foam board printing at the affordable prices. You can rest assured that you are getting quality output at a convenient price. You can let foam board printing done on small or large posters, and thin or thick posters. These posters will definitely liven up the walls in your home or office.

What are the specialties of our foam board printing service?

  • Our foam board printing signs are standard, paper-faced type memory foam board.
  • They come with an environmentally friendly and biodegradable type rigid foam center. We ensure high durability with the solid foam center.
  • Our foam board printing outputs work as excellent indoor signage options.
  • We have equipped some of the finest machines to perform this unique printing with high reliability.
  • Whether you want to print any image or graphic or typographic design, we can do the corresponding digital printing on a fresh foam board.
  • We ship the boards directly to your door.
  • We accept custom order to size up to 4’ x 8’.
  • Supports printing any photo or graphic on a foam core board
  • Option for customization
  • The printed foam boards are lightweight and portable
  • We use foam cores of two thickness options – 3/16″ and 1/2″. These cores can be custom cut to your desired size.
  • Support for printing on one or two sides.
  • Support for free-standing and wall mounting options.

How we uniquely do foam board printing?

We make use of our high-quality printing machines. These machines will accept your design and artwork as inputs. Later, these machines will directly print them on a foam board size of your choice. While printing, we take a few aspects into considerations. We confirm whether the board is an irregular size, a custom cut size, or simply a standard foam board size. Based on your needs, we can cut your foam core to any customized shape. Since we print on foam boards throughout the day, we have gained great expertise in the same. There are no chances of errors or inefficiency. If you require some assistance while predicting the final product, we are here to help you out. We always make sure the final outcome of the foam board printing will be a perfect blend of size, bleed, and color. The printed foam board will definitely look attractive and would be cut perfectly.

Different foam core printing options we use:

Basically, we use three foam core printing options and they are described below:
1. Double-sided foam core printing:
Whenever you order a foam board print from our service, you can either choose a single-sided or double-sided foam core printing. This will give an additional markup to the end results. If you want your foam board to be visible from both directions or if you want to hang from the ceiling, you can opt for a double-sided foam core printing option. These double-sided foam core printed boards from us can be used in presentations. You can easily flip the board around if you want to use it as a visual aid for topics. Choosing this option will save you from paying the extra cost of buying a new foam core board.

2. Heavy-duty foam core material:
It is not always compulsory to go for the standard 3/16” foam core board material. We can also do printing on a 1/2” foam core board material. For that, the pricing would be affordable. It is important to note that this markup is computed on the base cost of the foam board. This calculation is done before the cost of matte lamination and double-sided printing is added. In this way, it will save you money. With the use of heavy-duty foam core, your board would be more durable and last longer. They would be less prone to creasing and bending issues.

3. Foam core print lamination:
If you want to extend the life and improve the quality of your foam core board then you can go for foam core print lamination service from us. The lamination on your print will enhance the life expectancy of your board. Also, it will present a decent quality look. Though matte lamination adds some markup to the final cost, they benefit your board with longevity and superb quality.

Applications of our printed foam boards:

Menu Boards:
You can use the printed foam boards from us as menu boards in cafes, restaurants, delis, and bakeries. The durability of our printed foam boards allows you to list different items of your business. For example, you can list popular food items and drinks you sell on these printed menu boards by us. We can even add images to make them look attractive.

For your presentations and corporate meetings, we print customized foam core boards. They allow you to effectively express your ideas in a visually appealing manner. Your thoughts will effectively reach your audience. Whether you want to present charts & graphs or discuss an agenda for a corporate meeting, our custom printed foam boards are applicable to perfectly convey your message. In addition to presentations, we can also customize the boards for trade shows, lectures, and many other retail uses.

For the purposes of office decor, gallery presentations, or for decorating the walls of your home, our personalized foam core printing service is applicable. We can print images and also your photographs on the foam core boards to give a unique look. Also, we can give a professional look based on your needs.