Axiom Printing Services

Payment Methods

Since we offer our printing services all over United States, our systems accepts almost all kinds of payments methods which makes it easier for our clients to pay the way they feel comfortable with. We accept different types of payments including Cash, Checks, Visa, Master, Money Orders and Paypal.

Do I need to make a deposit?

You need to pay for the project if the printing is going to be shipped by UPS. For local clients, we will ask for deposit only if the price of the order is greater than $200.

For graphic design projects you will pay after the final approval of the file, which is sent with watermark on it. After the payment is made, we will send you the original file without watermark.

What if I want to reprint a job?

We save all the projects on our database, so if you need to reorder it, we have to find your file with customer id, which is your phone number. After that we will start the printing right the way if there are no changes on the artwork.

What is UV (Ultra-Violet) coating?

UV coating is a plastic-like extremely glossy coating that is applied to print to offer a durability and finish not available with AQ (Aqueous) coating. UV coating hardens on the sheet by applying a high intensity Ultraviolet light. If you don’t need to write on the product after it is printed, and you prefer a super-glossy finish, this is your best option. Cutting accuracy also is affected slightly as it is hard to cut a stack of slippery sheets, even with cutting edge equipment, and sharp operators. At this time, UV is only offered on our 14pt products.

Source: Printing Los Angeles, Axiom Designs.

Can your UV (Ultra-Violet) coating be written on or inkjetted?

No. This is the only coating we offer which cannot be written on. It does offer a extreme glossy finish, but is not suited at all for jobs that need to be written on or inkjetting (usually for mailing). Any of our other coating options may be written on with a ball-point pen. Remember that we offer coated 1 SIDE ONLY products, such as business card printing that will allow you writing and inkjetting on the backside. Also be sure to check your proofs carefully to ensure the COATING SIDE is the one you intend.
Source: Los Angeles Printing

What kind of paper will my job be printed on?

Descriptions are below, more details are available in our Glossary. You may also request tangible printed samples by going to our homepage and clicking on the “Samples” button.

100# Cover – Glossy cover stock. Great for heavyweight brochures and covers on catalogs.

100# Go Greentm – Gloss Cover -10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

100# Text – Glossy text stock. Great for standard brochures and flyers.

100# Go Greentm Gloss Text-10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

14pt. C2S – Glossy coated stock. The ‘C2S’ means coated on two sides. Great for thicker business cards.

14pt C2S Go Greentm Gloss Cover -10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

70# Uncoated Text – Uncoated bond stock. Great for letterhead.

70# Go Greentm Uncoated Text – 10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled

110# Classic Crest – Uncoated cover stock. We only offer business cards on this paper.

110# Go Greentm Classic Crest Cover – 10% post consumer waste and 30% recycled.

Source: Los Angeles Printing