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Data Visualization Since today our world is made up of digital data streams of electronic information and intelligent devices, important question is - how can we assimilate all of this information and how to use its entire volume, which also accumulates and increases with each passing...

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Binding effect Binding effect - a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too much on the first part of the information ("anchor") in decision-making. anchor effect - it is the second name of the binding effect. During decision-making, binding effect occurs when...

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Psychology in the design (Part 1)

Psychology in the design: the effect of framing, binding effect, psychological pricing, data visualization…   Traditional economic theory has long suggested that people are logical, dispassionate, and make decisions that are in their own interests. However, in recent years, direction of behavioral economics is developing. Which showed...

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Advertising on the windows of residential buildings

It would seem, enterprising and resourceful advertisers have already mastered almost all possible ways of placing advertising materials in all accessible places. Even hard to imagine a place where advertising agencies and private advertisers haven’t get. We live in the world of advertising. Think about it....

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What is Offset Printing and how it works

Have you ever thought What Is Offset Printing? If you want to know more detailed  about offset printing process, here is short description of it.   What is Offset Printing? Offset printing is a Printing method in which ink is transferred under pressure from the printing plate on...

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Scented Billboards

To advertise different products and services specialists use a variety of means. If previously, for example, a hundred years ago, it was quite usual signs, now grab the attention of a potential customer is getting harder and harder. One of the best ways to capture the...

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Facts and Statistics About Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising - the oldest type of advertising, which forms the basis of all types of advertising. "The outdoor advertising industry, mobile billboards are the most effective and affordable form, increasing the awareness of the product and the name fifteen times more than anything else available!" Source:...

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10 mistakes when creating outdoor advertising

Naturally, you can see the many different posters or billboards. Each of them has an attractive advertising, but not everyone has a large demand for goods, if the advertisement is presented to the way it is not necessary. Axiom Designs can help you design best...

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Offset Printing VS Digital

You need something to print. But you are not an expert in the field of printing. Then this article is for you!   Where to begin? Where and how to print? Let's talk about this - in a simple, understandable to even a layman language!   Which to choose:...

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