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What is the most effective advertising

Outdoor advertising in the streets   Signboards Banners in places with high traffic Billboards on roads "Streamers" Standers Signs on buildings Fences Office signs, stands Construction on the roofs, "visor" and sheds Exhibition facilities Storefronts LED screens Advertising on cars, elevators   Pluses:   + Large Audience + Prestige, recognition + Frequency - "flickering" + Creative possibilities - 3D-rendering, light effects, etc. + Unobtrusive + With the right...

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Print Advertising. Direct Mail

Direct Mail Direct Mail - the most efficient communication channel with a particular user. Professionally written sales letter, according to the American advertising agency professionals "Cunningham End Walsh", is the most important element of direct marketing. A good sales letter is often more effective than the...

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Printing vs online Marketing

Despite the development of digital and online technologies, print media is still popular. Which methods of direct marketing will be most effective- it’s a controversial issue date. New research says that judges still can’t answer this question. . . but print remains as surprisingly strong side.\ Despite...

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5 tips on how to give effective advertising

Overview for the advertiser: "5 tips on how to give an effective advertising or topical options for effective advertising." Provide effective advertising is simple! Make a simple and clear message: In order to give effective advertising for starting write concise and clear blurb; Avoid mistakes, especially spelling and...

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Advertising media for small businesses, and not only

Five effective ways to advertise your business using offline advertising media. Inexpensive internet advertising every day becomes more and more popular form of promotion for small business owners, but for those who want to strengthen their campaign are also available effective offline advertising media. Many of...

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10 logo design trends in 2015

Since the appearance of the first font with the advent of digital technologies and to this day logo designers are constantly looking for new forms, ideas and ways of their implementation. What are the trends in logo design, we see in 2015? Here are 10 forecasts...

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