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This list represents the best free Fresh fonts we’ve found in a variety of styles. However, for specialist fonts that won’t cost you a penny. This font collection of web fonts, cursive fonts, tattoo fonts, graffiti fonts, handwriting fonts and retro fonts. And don’t forget to...

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Digital Printers & Energy Efficiency

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in Germany is funding a new Fogra project to look at the energy efficiency of small and large format digital printers.   This project is evaluating different digital printers (excluding textile machines) in order to quantify how much energy they use....

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How a Sticker Can Create Viral Interest in Your Company

  How Stickers Made Reddit Go Viral   When talking about his viral marketing tactics, reddit cofounder, Alexis Ohanian said stickers were the soundest investment he ever made.     "I used to travel around the country a lot and everywhere I went I took stickers with me. I put them on signs,...

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Design Principles: Introduction To Hierarchy

The need for technical skill in graphic design continues to grow as technologies and interfaces change. Yet, how have fundamental understandings of visual hierarchy, perception and composition changed along with new interfaces? The modern concept of human visual perception is rooted in psychological study. Thus,...

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Inkjet Hologram Printing Now Possible

Vivid holographic images and text can now be produced by means of an ordinary inkjet printer. This new method, developed by a team of scientists from ITMO University, is expected to significantly reduce the cost and time needed to create the so-called rainbow holograms, commonly...

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6 ways how to make flyers more effective

Flyer Printing - one of the cheapest ways to increase your market reach. Flyer is a small multi-colored piece of paper material, which may contain a huge range of information, including your suggestions, a list of names of your products and contact information.     Small businesses that...

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