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5 Books for Typography & Lettering Lovers

With the results of Print’s Regional Design Annual and Typography & Lettering Awards on mind, we’ve been hooked on all things lettered—hand lettering, typographic history, shadow type and more. We delved into MyDesignShop on the hunt for some publications and came up with 5 excellent resources for any designer...

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Tips and Techniques for Adjusting Type in InDesign

Tactfully kerning letters to the appropriate places and ensuring that the lines of text are at the perfect leading size for easy legibility are tasks that we typography nerds revel in and get lost in. We obsess over the microscopic details of alignment and placement....

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CMYK Vs. PMS . What’s the difference?

When it comes to printing there are several things you need to consider. One of which is the process of printing. Your printer may ask you how many colors? Or, CMYK (4-Color Process) or PMS. If you aren’t familiar these questions will leave you slumped...

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Review of graphic design market

Where to go if you need graphic design: logo, identity, website for the company? You can use one of the 5 ways to create high-quality brand of your company, that customers will remember: Marketing Agency Design Studio Freelancers Crowdsourcing platform DIY-sites Marketing agencies: will develop marketing plan for you and will do...

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6 Tips for Designing & Printing Rack Cards

Statistics show that postcards and newsletters and NOW Rack Cards are three of today's most powerful marketing tools for attracting attention to one’s business. Rack cards are helpful in making a positive and long-lasting first impression and a great way to introduce your company and...

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