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What Do We Offer


It all starts with design. At Carwraps, we design for your brand and your vehicle. Our innovative and highly creative design team bring your ideas to reality.


Our installation team professionally applies your wrap using the best materials on the market. It’s the first step to making sure your vehicle wrap lasts!


Our team is always available to help you maintain your wrap in mint condition, repair any damage and remove the wrap when you want to change it.

Car Wrap

The car wraps and vehicle wraps advertising are considered as one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Outdoor Advertising Industry. The reason behind this is car wraps are highly successful at grabbing the attention of motorists, commuters, and pedestrians. We excel in providing high-quality car wrap printing services based on your requirements. The printed car wraps from our service are an excellent way to protect your vehicle and they also work as advertising labels. They would work as a moving billboard and successfully delivers your brand message.

In addition to working as a medium of advertising, the digitally printed car wraps from our company appear fashionable. Presently, they are highly becoming famous among car owners. Some customers may choose a wrap for increasing aesthetics while some may use it for functional uses. For your 4-wheeled companion, they work like a second skin.

How do we work for car wrap printing?

The Car wraps are basically vinyl sheets that could be used to print advertisements or graphics. They are completely or partially installed on your vehicles like cars, SUVs, or trucks. We make use of vinyl while printing the car wraps. They are weather-resilient and could withstand the harsh weather conditions with great simplicity. These car wraps printed from us are widely used to strengthen your brand image in front of the consumers.

We work efficiently on car wrap printing to make sure our customers achieve the desired branding goals they want. We will thoroughly help you prepare a custom design for your car and other vehicles, print on superior quality printing units and finally install it for presenting a seamless appearance. In this way, your message will be perfectly showcased in front of the public. The significance of advertising your business is known to us. Therefore, we take care of each detail for you. Our service for car wrap printing is made available at fair prices to make sure it suits the budget of most customers.

How our car wrap printing service is useful?

The printed car wraps from us are not only useful for advertising to the general public but they also work as an extraordinary strategy of advertising new product launches or for any time sensitive events. Though other forms of outdoor advertising are stationary, the wrap printing from us can be applied to your vehicles. Therefore, they can be easily carried to any events, can be parked somewhere or can be used to target particular demographics.

Our printed car wraps are extensively used for advertising on cars that belong to office workers or sales staff. They work as a crucial marketing medium for the branding of your companies. You can apply these wraps on your fleet and delivery vehicles. Whether you run a small business or large corporations or working as an advertiser, our car wrap printing will be helpful for all of them.

We are dedicated to offering the finest quality wraps for your cars and vehicles, in order to fulfill your advertising needs. These wraps are designed with superior quality prints and appear attractive at first sight. We make the design so appealing that they will instantly grab the attention of the public and help you reach your branding goals. The printed car wraps form us can work as the perfect solution for effective marketing and advertising.

In our service, we incorporate different premium vinyl products for producing appealing graphics. These graphics are showcased in the perfect color and prepared in a beautiful paint-like finish. These finish and colors will surely make your car wraps look unique and attractive. The premium cast vinyl is specially designed to be conformed to the surfaces of your vehicles. They work better than the standard vinyl graphics.

Types of car wraps from us:

We effectively work on many different car wrap types and vehicle wrap types. Let’s have a glance at these types:
Full vehicle wrap:

In this category, we designed car wraps keeping in mind the complete dimensions of your cars. They will fully encompass the entire length of your cars, right from front to back. They are highly effective at advertising your message and will easily grab the attention of public.


Partial vehicle wrap:

We also work on partial vehicle wraps printing based on your requirements. After assessing your needs, we print the accurately sized wraps to install only on the particular surface of your car. For example, we can print these wraps partially, to only work for the doors of your cars and vehicles. They will also work effectively to instantly seek the attention of the public.


Vinyl Graphic/Lettering:

Now you can get your car wrap designs printed on stylish vinyl graphic. We make use of superior quality vinyl to make sure the graphics design appears attractive and of reliable quality. Additionally, we can also print car wraps on the stylish carbon fiber made available in gloss and matte finishes. It is certain that our vinyl graphics car wraps or lettering provide long-lasting results.


Printed car graphics:

When you desire to place your design, quote or logo to advertise your business on your vehicle, our printed car graphics category will help you. Now you can get superior quality, durable printed car graphics to showcase your branding efforts.


Professional fleet vehicle wraps:

In addition to providing wraps for single vehicles, our service can also wrap a whole fleet of corporate vehicles. Subsequently, your fleet could serve a double purpose of fulfilling the needs of customers and attracting new customers as the vehicles pass through the on-location jobs.

Specialties of our car wrap printing service:

  • Exceptional durability and performance
  • Colored and/or textured film as well as a protective layer in a one-piece laminate
  • Outstanding conformability near curves and recesses
  • Implementation of the advanced adhesive technology to offer slideability and repositionability and
  • Saves installation time
  • Made available in extra-wide 1.52M
  • Superb long-term removability
  • Extensive color range with 70 color options
  • Encompass huge panels with a single piece of material and fewer seams
  • Support for many different car wrap types to fulfill the diverse needs of diverse customers
  • Presence of professional wrap experts in our team to carefully work on your requirements

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