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Data Visualization Since today our world is made up of digital data streams of electronic information and intelligent devices, important question is - how can we assimilate all of this information and how to use its entire volume, which also accumulates and increases with each passing...

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Binding effect Binding effect - a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too much on the first part of the information ("anchor") in decision-making. anchor effect - it is the second name of the binding effect. During decision-making, binding effect occurs when...

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Psychology in the design (Part 1)

Psychology in the design: the effect of framing, binding effect, psychological pricing, data visualization…   Traditional economic theory has long suggested that people are logical, dispassionate, and make decisions that are in their own interests. However, in recent years, direction of behavioral economics is developing. Which showed...

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Booklet printing in Los Angeles

Urgent production and high quality printing of booklets In today's advertising industry stylish booklet helps to create a favorable impression of the company and provides the reader with the necessary information. Therefore, the development and production of advertising booklets recognized as one of the most popular...

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Advertising on the windows of residential buildings

It would seem, enterprising and resourceful advertisers have already mastered almost all possible ways of placing advertising materials in all accessible places. Even hard to imagine a place where advertising agencies and private advertisers haven’t get. We live in the world of advertising. Think about it....

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What is Offset Printing and how it works

Have you ever thought What Is Offset Printing? If you want to know more detailed  about offset printing process, here is short description of it.   What is Offset Printing? Offset printing is a Printing method in which ink is transferred under pressure from the printing plate on...

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