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Inkjet Hologram Printing Now Possible

Vivid holographic images and text can now be produced by means of an ordinary inkjet printer. This new method, developed by a team of scientists from ITMO University, is expected to significantly reduce the cost and time needed to create the so-called rainbow holograms, commonly...

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Vinyl Decals Printing in Los Angeles

When you need the highest quality Vinyl Decals Printing in Los Angeles fast, Axiom Designs has you covered with our durable indoor / outdoor Vinyl Decals. Now you can customize the shape of your Decals to make your graphics and logos really look professional and...

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6 ways how to make flyers more effective

Flyer Printing - one of the cheapest ways to increase your market reach. Flyer is a small multi-colored piece of paper material, which may contain a huge range of information, including your suggestions, a list of names of your products and contact information.     Small businesses that...

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What is the most effective advertising

Outdoor advertising in the streets   Signboards Banners in places with high traffic Billboards on roads "Streamers" Standers Signs on buildings Fences Office signs, stands Construction on the roofs, "visor" and sheds Exhibition facilities Storefronts LED screens Advertising on cars, elevators   Pluses:   + Large Audience + Prestige, recognition + Frequency - "flickering" + Creative possibilities - 3D-rendering, light effects, etc. + Unobtrusive + With the right...

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