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How To Motivate Customers To Leave Feedback?

    According to the results of the Nielsen study, in which 25,000 users participated, 90% of consumers trust online recommendations of acquaintances. This post is about how to get the recommendations you need.   How to ask for recommendations and not lose customers? How do I continue to work...

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Role Of White Color In Printing

The surface reflects all the visible colors of the spectrum, and we see pure white light. Of course, it is worth to clarify: in the printing industry there is no absolute white color. With traditional printing, the white color is either the color of the...

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Design for Emotion to Increase User Engagement

Designing for customer delight can lead to competitive advantage and growth.   “Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating.” ― Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things The reward for companies that...

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How To Measure ROI And Why To Do It

It is important for entrepreneurs to measure the effectiveness and payback of advertising campaigns. One way is to take into account ROI (return on investment). Let's figure out how to count it - using the example of infographics. There is a simplified formula that most companies...

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Pantones: Where Does Your Corporate Color Come From?

The most, perhaps, interesting snag in printing is to achieve complete coincidence and repeatability of colors. Make it so that the corporate color, set in the brand-book looked everywhere the same - on the business cards, the folder, the corporate mug and embroidery on the...

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Why You Need A Brand Book

Brand Book, in the modern sense, is a guide to the use of corporate identity. Now brands used in business, advertising and marketing, although the first attempt of branding used in animal husbandry. The hosts put on his animal skin brand, so as not to...

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History Of Greeting Cards

Today, greeting card is a nice trinket, which can be bought for ridiculous money, make a nice addition to the present. However, in the origins of its history, the card was an expensive product, made by hand by the order. Not everyone could afford such...

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Presenting Design Work: The Right Way

Often the difference between getting the job or not has everything to do with how you present your work to potential clients. The portfolio has as much to do with how you present it, as it does the actual content of your work. Even great...

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How to avoid mistakes in stamping?

The first stamping appeared in the middle of XV century and produced with a thin-sheet of gold on a book binding. The high cost of the process has led to the fact that in 1892 by Ernst Oeser (Oeser Company ceased its activities at the...

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